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Welcome to home page of Oracle HTP Plugin project

This plugin for Atlassian Confluence acts as a web gateway for your Oracle database. You can use it to execute stored procedures, run queries and build reports

About this product

Oracle HTP Macro takes its name from Oracle HTP package, which is commonly used to generate HTML pages and other web content in Oracle stored procedure. This content is then delivered to a client via Oracle HTTP Server that is connected to Oracle database by means of data access descriptor (DAD). Oracle HTP Macro for Confluence allows publishing HTML, generated by Oracle, in your Confluence page. No Oracle HTTP Server is required. Drop Oracle HTP Macro on page, select a DAD, specify render method, call parameters (if any), and a stored procedure to call. Save the page and you will get whatever HTML (JSON, binary data, etc...) is generated by your Oracle database. 


Please refer to HR Demo, and Orders Demo for live samples

If you need support with this plugin please visit our Help Center

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