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Check HTTPS Certificate is a very simple addon to check expiration date of your HTTPS certificate. Just drop 'Cert Validity' macro to your Confluence page and you will see something similar to:

You can specify port number in your macro settings, if your server is running on something different than standard https port 443.

You may also use REST API to get check results as JSON:

$ curl -u <user>:<password> -X GET http(s)://<your confluence base>/rest/check-cert/1.0/cert/notAfter\?
{"expires":"Wed Sep 20 12:27:00 MSK 2017","days":69}

If your certificate expiration date is more than one week ahead, the macro background will be green; if more than three days – yellow; if three days or less (or already expired) – red.

Legacy Markup Support

The macro comes in two flavours: one available via Macro Browser and another for legacy markup support. Use with wiki markup macro or SQL-based tables etc. For example

Normally the macro would check HTTPS server certificate after the page is served to client by Confluence. You can use 'sync' macro parameter to have your page served with all check results ready, so that you could export the page (to PDF or Word). Example:

And live result is below: 


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Legal notice

This addon is free under MIT license. Hope you find it useful.

Source code is available on GitHub. To report a bug please use the Issue Tracker

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