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Cube plugin provides simple OLAP for JIRA issues and worklog using MS Excel. It features a built-in Mondrian 4 data analysis engine (community edition). To use Cube Plugin you will need XMLA Connect for MS Excel.

Cube plugin was tested with the following JIRA backend databases:

  • H2
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL

After you have installed the plugin no further configuration is necessary, however in larger environments performance may be fine tuned by setting certain configuration properties as described below.

Using the plugin

To get JIRA data in Excel application start by creating a new connection:

Choose 'Other/Advanced' option:

Choose 'XMLA Data Source' option. If you cannot see this option you probably did not install the XMLA Connect for MS Excel

Set connection properties as follows:

Data SourceProvider=Mondrian;DataSource=Cube;
Location<JIRA HOME>/plugins/servlet/xmla
User ID<your JIRA account>
Password<your JIRA password>

Choose 'default' as Catalog

Click 'Test Connection' to ensure that your properties are set correctly:

Choose from available cubes:

Select report type and location

Sample OLAP report


The plugin supports connecting to another JIRA instance's database. You may consider this option to separate your production JIRA and Mondrian server to different hosts.

You can fine tune Mondrian performance by setting Mondrian server properties. The only property set by default is ''. The property prevents caching data so that changes made to your JIRA are immediately available in Excel cube.

For more information about Mondrian properties please refer to documentation

Hope you find it useful

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This plugin is free under MIT license

Source code for this plugin is available on GitHub. To report a bug please use the Issue Tracker

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