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This Web Site

For all visitors to this website Mesilat Limited collects the time of the visit, the visitor's IP address, operating system, browser type and version number, and the web pages viewed. Mesilat Limited uses free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates to make your connection to this website secure.

Mesilat Limited uses cookies in order to secure and confirm your information when logging into protected sections of this website. We do not use this information for any other purpose than to grant you access to website resources and do not record it. This website does not support “Do Not Track” requests.

Mesilat Limited website uses Google Analytics in compliance with Google Analytics Terms of Service. We do not use Google Analytics for Display Advertisers.

Personal Data

Mesilat Limited collects personal data, which means information by which specific individuals can be identified, including name, email address, and other personal characteristics provided by you in your email message. Mesilat Limited will process personal data collected from you fairly and lawfully and will only use such personal information to provide customer support; to help us to improve our site and software and your online experience; and as required by law. Mesilat Limited may be required to reveal your personal data upon request of public authorities. Mesilat Limited uses appropriate controls to ensure that the data is kept secure, and is only viewed or used by proper personnel and or the purposes set above.

Users have the right, at any time, to know whether their personal data has been stored and can consult Mesilat Limited to learn about their contents and origin, to verify their accuracy or to ask for them to be supplemented, cancelled, updated or corrected. Requests should be sent to the Data Controller at the contact information set out below.

Our Software Products

Mesilat Limited does not use any plugin, addon or any other software to get access to customer's information except for the information explicitly provided by a customer in email or in a service request at a Customer Portal. Mesilat Limited will not disclose this data to other parties unless customers have been properly notified and agreed to such disclosure. To give our customers confidence in our products Mesilat Limited may provide full source code to customers who had purchased a product from Atlassian Marketplace. To access the source code you may be required to have an account with GitHub.


Mesilat Limited reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by giving notice to its customers on this page. It is strongly recommended to check this page often, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the bottom.

Contact information: [email protected]

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