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Weekly Activity Gadget for JIRA is used to monitor your weekly activity and worklog. You may add it to your JIRA dashboard to make sure that your work logging meets your boss's requirements.

The following colour codes are used for the activity table:

Light grey

No activity for the task for a particular day

Dark grey

Some activity, such as comments, but no work log


Work logged. If more than on work log was made then the time displayed is total of all logs

White with rounded corners

Work was logged and commented. You may hover your mouse over the cell and the comment will be displayed

If you click a cell with activity then JIRA 'Log Work' page will open in a new tab, where you can log extra hours spent on a task:

Restrict Worklog

(info) This feature requires a valid plugin license

Use Deny Work Log custom field to restrict logging work to an issue.

When field value is set to true attempts to log work to an issue using standard interface will fail:

You can also setup the plugin to restrict logging to a number of days in the past and/or to a number of hours per day:


(info) This feature requires a valid plugin license

You can click a calendar icon in the top right corner of the gadget to build a report:

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To report a bug please use the Issue Tracker

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