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Country and Flag is a very simple addon for Confluence that you can use to add support for country lists in your Confluence templates. There are about 240 country names in 120 locales and their flags packaged with this addon.

Start using this addon by defining a template in your Confluence space and adding a 'Country' instructional text type:

Create a page using the template you have defined:

Start typing country name in a field you have designated for your country name – a drop down list of countries will show:

When you have a country selected, a 'Country' macro will be added to your page:

Do this for all country fields in your template and save the page. The macro will be replaced with country symbol (flag) and name:

If you have a different locale then country names will appear in your language:



There are two macros in this addon: 'Country' (described above) and 'Country symbol'. 'Country symbol' addon only shows a flag without country name. This can be useful when you are short of space (such as in tables).

There is currently no way to add a 'Country Symbol' placeholder via instructional text panel in Confluence, but you may use Source Editor for Confluence for that purpose:


Hope you find it useful.

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Legal notice

This addon is free under MIT license

I have used this excellent icon set:

and these perfect localised country names:

Full source code for this addon is available on GitHub




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